Fragments from the Rim

Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines

In an act of legendary defiance, Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo, Soz Velik, Riskyr Eshka’lya, Du Nahgg Vlaren, Kira Sunrider and B’ura B’an make their way to New Meen with a singular goal: to become the undoing of TEEMO THE HUTT.

Though they number only seven, they advance with the resolve of a thousand beings to liberate New Meen from Teemo’s thugs. In this endeavor, our heroes will learn the nature of war. By protecting others, they save themselves…

The Story So Far


The road to the ryll mines of New Meen were rugged indeed. In fact, there wasn’t a road, and about a mile from New Meen, the terrain became a boulder-filled obstacle course. Bao Bogo, however, wasn’t about to let some rocks quench his need for speed, and he was rewarded for his vainglory by overloading the repulsorlift drive to send the speeder crashing into the ground right by a large bluff and cave complex. All, save for Bao Bogo himself, were thrown from the speeder onto the rocky terrain and were injured.

As fate would have it, this was the precise spot where Sola Bolban, a bounty hunter on Teemo the Hutt’s payroll, had set a trap for our heroes. A vicious firefight ensued which resulted in Du Nahgg being taken down by stun bolts, and with one prisoner secured, Bolban and his fellow bounty hunters set their blasters to kill. They nearly accomplished their goal as Riskyr was badly wounded, but through grit and a heavy measure of firepower, our heroes thinned the bounty hunters’ numbers until Bolban, the last survivor, took refuge in the cave system.

Giving chase, our heroes and Bolban discovered that the cave was, in fact, a lylek den. In the ensuing firefight, a massive lylek appeared from behind a wall of boulders, snatched up Bolban in its tentacles, and began to devour the hapless hunter.

Our heroes carried Du Nahgg back to the speeder, and Soz Velik made some quick repairs to get the repulsorlift drive operation again just in time for the lylek to finish its meal. After a brief argument as to who should drive, our heroes took off towards New Meen with the lylek in hot pursuit. Ultimately, however, the speeder proved to be too fast for the lumbering beast, and our heroes escaped to New Meen.

New Meen proved to give new meaning to the term “hardscrabble.” It was little more than a shantytown with only a few permanent structures, as most of the miners lived in tents. The residents, who were at first fearful of the offworlders, became elated upon seeing that B’ura B’an had returned. Our heroes were lauded as…well, heroes, and moments later, the entirety of New Meen’s meager medical supplies were put to use to treat the banged-up offworlders.

Eren’hazel, the Twi’lek leader in B’ura B’an’s absence, told the tale of the offworld developers who had been harassing the residents of New Meen. Tales of arson, theft and assault all pointed towards the work of a human named Angu Drombb and his band of a score of men who were supposedly developing an oasis resort in the badlands of Ryloth. Drombb was known to be a small time thug, but he was throwing around credits that he didn’t have. He must have been working for someone else, and the miners suspected a Hutt. Our heroes connected the dots when Theemin Cosmoswar recalled that Teemo the Hutt had mentioned him before, and Riskyr recalled a run-in with Drombb on a frontier world where there may have been a misunderstanding and during which she may have given Drombb a permanent limp.

Negotiations pertaining to ryll smuggling started shortly thereafter, with Theemin Cosmoswar pressing for a large equity stake in the mine and Du Nahgg advocating for a lesser role In the mine’s operation. Just as negotiations were wrapping up, a large crash shook the ramshackle building, as Riskyr, Soz Velik and Du Nahgg left to investigate.

Upon exiting the structure, the three found an Aqualish and three humans standing around a piece of heavy, tracked construction equipment that had crashed into a building and destroyed a moisture vaporator. The residents of the structure, clearly distraught, shouted at the unwelcome and apparently drunken guests, who in turn were only interested in “borrowing” the landspeeder to replace their wrecked ride.

As Du Nahgg stepped forward to negotiate, Riskyr had a different idea and shot one of the developers dead. An errant blaster bolt sent the lintel above the doorway to the main structure crashing down and blocking the front door. Before Theemin and Bao Bogo could find an alternate exit, the shooting was over, and four developers lay dead.

Emboldened by the offworlders’ actions, the people of New Meen resolved to help in ridding themselves of Drombb and armed themselves with the weapons carried by Drombb’s men. A short near-misadventure back to the lylek den to retrieve the bounty hunters’ blasters netted some more offense, and our heroes began to hatch a plan.

As Du Nahgg slipped away to case the development, Soz Velik repaired the wrecked construction vehicle and fitted it with a battering ram to take out Drombb’s cantina. With Bao Bogo at the helm of the improvised wrecking machine, the Twi’lek men took off on foot and our heroes followed by speeder to kill Drombb and end his operation.

The plan came together. Bao Bogo lost his nerve to jump from the speeding wrecking machine but, by some miracle, crashed his second vehicle of the day without taking a scratch. Twi’leks stormed the cantina while the offworlders took out Aqualish and human men who ran from a dormitory-like structure to assist. When the blaster smoke cleared, two Twi’leks had fallen, but Drombb and his men had been slaughtered…save for one human who was bound for the Crimson Eclipse’s slave hold…

Player Characters
Du Nahgg Vlaren, Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo, Riskyr Eshka’lya, Soz Velik

Weekly Recap

Laugh it up, fuzzball! (Funniest Moment)

Tom – Bao Bogo’s suggestion that he could just get drunk instead of acting like he was drunk.

Jeff – Bryant’s second attempt to jump off the doom tractor changing from a moment of heroics, to terror, to another sudden dependence on safety equipment. Followed by Theemin’s “I didn’t see him jump. Did you see him jump?” as the building imploded.

I have a bad feeling about this. (Eeriest Moment)

Tom – Riskyr getting shot during the fight with the bounty hunters, reaching her wound threshold and taking a critical hit.

Jeff – Just as we’re heading out of the spaceport, R5-D4 reports a bounty hunter from Tatooine landing not far from our dock… a yet unresolved issue for our battered heroes.

Never tell me the odds! (Best Heroics)

Tom – Everyone gets this award for fighting off a band of merciless thugs who were keeping you from financially exploiting the miners of New Meen.

Jeff – Gotta give the nod to the twi’lek tangle (I think that’s what a group of ’leks is called) rising up against their opp— annoyers and showing remarkable resolve and daring-do.

We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you? (Dubious Decision)

Tom – You probably should have slowed the speeder down instead of blasting across the boulder field at maximum velocity.

Jeff – Theemin’s choosing to go reclaim the blasters from the site of the Death that Stalks Ryloth. With our only supporter. Runner up: Du Nahgg choosing to really, really, really push his luck when he split from the party.

I am a Jedi, like my father before me. (Best Roleplay Moment)

Tom – Soz Velik’s concern about the proximity of New Meen to a lylek den was sincere indeed.

Jeff – Tough one. I’m going to go with the banter surrounding the crash of the speeder. Close behind is Du Nahgg playing Sheriff of New Meen completely unaware Riskyyr was the Renegade who just wanted everyone dead. Never before has a traffic stop gone so bad so quickly.

In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck. (Luck of the Irish)

Tom – Bao Bogo, for crashing two large vehicles this session and not getting a scratch.

Jeff – Bao Bogo crashing his second vehicle of the night, causing massive havoc and injury but always stepping away unscathed.

IT’S A TRAP! (Luck of the Polish)

Tom – Du Nahgg had stunningly bad luck with stun bolts this session.

Jeff – The karmic balance of the Force giving Theemin the worst possible rolls when Paul had others roll for him.

There is another. (Pat on the Group Back)

Tom – The group dynamic is interesting. You are working as a group in one sense, but there’s a lot of intrigue going on in the background.

Jeff – We actually organized a plan with several moving parts that WORKED perfectly. I love it when a plan comes together.

Pass on what you have learned (Learning Points)

Du Nahgg Vlaren – Don’t annoy Riskyyr. She holds a grudge and likes revenge warm.

Theemin Cosmoswar – In negotiations, surprise is an asset, but you have to leverage it aggressively or it is wasted.

Bao Bogo – I was so scared during that second crash that I pooped myself! And then I ate the poop!

Riskyr Eshka’lya – The safest place to be during a crash is behind the wheel.

Soz Velik – Next time get a scouting report on the murderous wildlife and bring bigger guns.


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