Angu Drombb

Human Developer


Red haired and ruddy faced, Angu Drombb had a permanent scowl on his face and a mean disposition. He walked with a limp, thanks to a run-in with Riskyr Eshka’lya some years ago.


Angu Drombb was a “property developer” who was supposedly opening a luxury resort on Ryloth, near New Meen. He was known to be a small-time thug, but once he arrived on Ryloth, he started throwing credits around as if he had money to burn. After bribing the local Oligarchs, he obtained the right to develop a tract of land immediately adjacent to the New Meen mine and began harassing the miners.

Drombb’s plan came to a sudden end one day as he was sipping Corellian whisky in his cantina. He barely escaped being crushed by a modified piece of tracked heavy construction equipment that crashed through the cantina wall. It may have crashed through the next wall as well, but the bartender’s squishy body apparently absorbed the last of the force that the vehicle could muster.

Although he delivered a solid hit to the Sullustan piloting the tracked vehicle, he was ambushed by miners from New Meen, and Bao Bogo, the aforementioned Sullustan, shot him dead.

Angu Drombb

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