B'ura B'an

Twi'lek Community Organizer


This aged Twi’lek has pale violet skin and bears a thoughtful expression. His left lekku is missing; all that remains is a cauterized stump.


B’ura B’an is a noted hero of the Ryloth Miner’s Revolutionary Front.

When Aqualish thugs arrived on Ryloth and tried to muscle in on the planet’s ryll mining operations, a group of Twi’leks organized a series of mines said to be run “for and by Twi’leks.” Some critics said that the organization wasn’t much better than the thugs it replaced, and that it sold uncut ryll illegally on the black market. However, many Twi’leks saw the organization as a sign of hope, undermining the efforts of those who sought to exploit Ryloth without thought for its inhabitants. B’ura B’an was among the most vocal of those in support of mines owned and run by Twi’leks.

Teemo the Hutt took out a bounty on B’ura B’an, which Trex attempted to collect. Our heroes liberated B’ura B’an from a force cage in the Number 3 hold of the Crimson Eclipse and agreed to help him in the liberation of New Meen.

B'ura B'an

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