Maru Jakkar

Human Black Sun Operative


A slender human woman with coldly sophisticated airs. She wears a close fitting suit of black leather and accessorizes with a flowing, brightly colored headscarf worn in the fashion of wealthy Coreworlders.


Maru Jakkar claimed that she had an interest in the culture and history of the Geonosians and was on Geonosis to buy some antiques from Duke Piddock. However, she revealed to Soz Velik that she worked for an organization looking to buy Geonosian arms. That organization, as it turns out, is Black Sun.

She also revealed that Teemo the Hutt had been involved in strange thefts and unlikely bids at auctions for apparently worthless items. The items all concerned the design of Baktoid Combat Automata, old B1 battle droids. It was Maru’s guess that Teemo was looking to reverse engineer and start building his own battle droids.

Maru agreed to help Soz Velik do away with Teemo the Hutt, and to that end, she connected with Anatta at Mos Shuuta. After Anatta connected her with Jabba the Hutt, Maru pledged the support of Black Sun to dispose of Teemo the Hutt if it could be proven that he was looking to manufacture B1 Battle Droids.

After Kira Sunrider recovered schematics proving that Teemo was looking to reverse engineer B1 Battle Droids, she and Anatta passed the information to Jabba the Hutt, who quickly dispatched his personal brand of justice upon Teemo.

Maru Jakkar

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