Nyn Kablo

Twi'lek Militant


A soft-spoken female Twi’lek with buff-colored skin and an air of languid grace.


Nyn Kablo is a Twi’lek militant who lives on the planet Ryloth. Her group was formed to protect the interests of the common Twi’leks on Ryloth and came into conflict with a group of thugs that were terrorizing the nearby mine of New Meen. Her group is headquartered in the town of Nabat.

She agreed with our heroes to supply Ryll spice for smuggling after the mine at New Meen was liberated from Angu Drombb and Teemo the Hutt. She and the group now have an ongoing business arrangement which has proven to be, thus far, mutually beneficial.

Nyn Kablo

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