Ota Dall'lar

Bothan Spy


A short and stout Bothan with wide, intelligent eyes.


Ota keeps his cards close to his chest when he can afford to do so, but apparently he has had past dealings with Nyn Kablo and has received information from Du Nahgg. He is also of the same Bothan clan as Riskyr, but otherwise, his background is mysterious.

Ota revealed to our heroes that Teemo the Hutt had placed bounties of 50,000 credits apiece upon Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse. Apparently he has no love for Teemo the Hutt and has offered our heroes a way out. He learned that a Geonosian noble, Duke Piddock, recently cut off a deal with Teemo the Hutt and that another Geonosian noble, Duke Dimmock, is picking up where Duke Piddock left off.

His proposal: Find out why Duke Piddock cut ties with Teemo the Hutt and relay that information to Duke Dimmock, to see if Duke Dimmock will follow suit and provide aid.

What happened: Our heroes promised to pay a Toydarian information broker, who told Vrixx’tt of the bounty on the Crimson Eclipse after our heroes withheld payment.

Ota survived Vrixx’tt’s assault on the ship and was treated very humanely in comparison to how you all treated Trex, Thweek, etc. Ota was scheduled to fight in Teemo’s gladiatorial pits but was liberated by Jabba the Hutt. Jabba turned Ota back over to the heroes in gratitude for exposing Teemo’s malfeasance.

Ota Dall'lar

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