Smooth Banjaxx Wab

Bith Spy


“Smooth” Banjaxx Wab was a Bith spy who posed as a kloo horn player. He worked for Teemo the Hutt and spied on Jabba the Hutt, which in retrospect, was probably not a good idea.


Banjaxx Wab got made on two fronts. First, Du Nahgg tortured the information out of Thweek. Second, Kira Sunrider found Teemo’s dossier on Banjaxx Wab.

Banjaxx Wab met his end in Jabba’s Rancor pit. Before he could make his case for clemency, Jabba bellowed a mighty “BOSKA!” and dropped Banjaxx Wab to his doom.

Smooth Banjaxx Wab

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