Teemo the Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord


Teemo the Hutt was a crime lord in the Hutt Cartel with operations based from his palace in Mos Shuuta, on Tatooine. Thanks to his relation to the illustrious Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Teemo was a crime lord of considerable influence and the de facto ruler of Mos Shuuta.


Theemin Cosmoswar and Bao Bogo each, apparently independently, did something sufficiently offensive to Teemo so as to cause him to send his Gamorrean guards chasing after them through the streets of Mos Shuuta with ill intent. As Teemo has been quietly entwined with the Empire since its inception twenty years ago, he also called in a favor to have some Stormtroopers and TIE fighters intercept our heroes.

Apparently Teemo is looking to expand his influence in the Ryll trade by moving beyond shipping and taking over mining operations on Ryloth. He has gone so far as to take out a bounty on the New Meen mine’s head, B’ura B’an, but his plans were foiled and his bounty hunter was killed. In response, he sent his Kubaz spy, Thweek, against our heroes, who promptly shot down Thweek’s starfighter.

Teemo followed up by hiring a journeyman bounty hunter, Sola Bolban, to take out our heroes, but the group killed his crew and stole his ship, the Cool Shot. Sola Bolban was eaten by a lylek.

Enraged, Teemo posted a public bounty of 50,000 credits each on Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse. This caught the attention of Vrixx’tt, a Gand bounty hunter who successfully cashed in the bounty on the Crimson Eclipse.

Teemo was riding high when he believed that Theemin Cosmoswar had been captured, but Theemin was only a distraction for the Trojan horse on Teemo’s doorstep. Du Nahgg Vlaren and the Vio siblings smuggled Bao Bogo and Kira Sunrider into Teemo’s palace in crates formerly filled with B1 Battle Droids, and after dispatching his guards, they made short work in obtaining proof that Teemo was (1) trying to reverse engineer B1 Battle Droids to create an army; (2) not paying Jabba his cut of a new interest in a Ryll mine; and (3) spying on Jabba.

Upon receiving this information, Jabba paid a personal visit to Teemo. Once he had confiscated the fruits of Teemo’s criminal empire, Jabba had Teemo shipped back to Nal Hutta in disgrace.

Teemo the Hutt

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