Kubaz Spy


A non-descript Kubaz with dark goggles. He makes the Kubaz buzzing sound a lot.


Thweek was a Kubaz spy that Teemo the Hutt kept on his books. Our heroes shot down his Dunelizard starfighter over Ryloth and imprisoned him in one of the force cages on the Crimson Eclipse. Although his immediate future was not bright, he survived a couple torture sessions with Du Nahgg and was saved when Vrixx’tt stole the Crimson Eclipse.

Thweek had some horrible tales to tell about watching Trex get suffocated to death in the force cage next to him and being forced to use his own coffin-sized cell as a toilet, as he was not fed or refreshed during his entire captivity.

Alas, this was Thweek’s high point in the campaign. After he believed that Theemin Cosmoswar had been captured, he quickly volunteered to fight his former captor in Teemo the Hutt’s gladiatorial pits. No fight would take place, however, as Theemin quickly informed Teemo that Thweek sang like a canary in the Crimson Eclipse’s force cages. After Theemin revealed just enough information to convince Teemo that he was telling the truth, Teemo ordered everyone except for his personal guards, Thweek, Theemin and “Smooth” Banjaxx Wab from his throne room.

Immediately after Thweek denied that he had given any information to a Weequay, Du Nahgg appeared in Teemo’s throne room.

Thweek had, in fact, confessed to Du Nahgg that Teemo the Hutt was spying on Jabba the Hutt. Specifically, he revealed that a Bith kloo horn player named “Smooth” Banjaxx Wab, who typically played at Teemo’s palace, had been “gifted” to Jabba from time to time as the Bith conducted espionage on Teemo’s higher-up.

He also admitted that he beheaded Sivor, one of Duke Piddock’s intermediaries, shortly after Duke Piddock broke off ties with Teemo.

As the reality of what Du Nahgg knew hit him, Thweek was left speechless. Then he was sent flying across the way from an angry slap of Teemo’s tail.

Theemin made a break for it, and Thweek begged to come with him. “Get behind me!” shouted Theemin. Thweek complied just in time to take a blaster bolt that had been intended for Theemin. Sic transit Thweek.


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