Vorn Tel-Ovis

Human Shop Owner


Vorn Tel-Ovis is an elderly and ornery male Human who operated a junk shop in Mos Shuuta on Tatooine.


You didn’t treat Vorn very well. After he gave Soz Velik a job, Soz tried to club him over the head with a restraining bolt wrench. When that didn’t work, Theemin tackled the elderly gentleman, Bao Bogo blasted him with a stun bolt, and Kira Sunrider gave him some sort of sedative to keep him out.

You then robbed him blind, which larceny included the theft of a hypermatter reaction igniter, a bunch of medpacks, a horde of emergency repair patches, and his astromech droid.

Vorn suffered a serious brain injury from the hastily applied anesthetic and spent the next week wandering the suns-baked streets of Mos Shuuta looking for his medpacks. When you returned, you elected to break the old man’s hip and leave him to die in Mos Shuuta’s dusty streets.

Vorn didn’t die. He now lives in the basement of the Mos Shuuta Grill & Cantina where he emerges at night to clean the place. He is paid in liquor to numb the pain in his hip.

Vorn Tel-Ovis

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