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  • Episode III: Beyond the Rim

    [[File:374340 | class=media-item-align-left | cholganna_crash.png]] _It is a period of civil war. Popularity for the Galactic Empire wanes as it becomes common knowledge that the dreaded DEATH STAR, which destroyed the innocent planet of Alderaan, was …

  • The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

    [[File:384108 | class=media-item-align-left | flying-over-cholganna.png]] _The lure of the expanse is different for all. What makes a being risk its very existence to venture into the unknown and to confront terrors and wonders undreamed of? The …

  • Beyond the Rim: The Rest of It

    [[File:407990 | class=media-item-align-center | sa-nalaor.png]] So, this was a lot easier to keep up with when I didn't have a job. Suffice to say, the adventure kind of went off the rails, and most of you ended up joining the Rebel Alliance.

  • Reom

    Reom is the president of IsoTech. He is a talented smuggler, crafty entrepreneur, and superb negotiator. He has contacts throughout the galaxy, including powerful figures in the underworld. Reom handles IsoTech's Outer Rim operations, particularly new …

  • Shira

    Shira is a principal of IsoTech and is reportedly tough and handy with a blaster. She bristles at the notion that Twi'lek females are little more than dancing girls and is quick to correct anyone on that point.

  • Jokol

    Jokol collects wagers, serves drinks and makes small talk with gamblers at his Wheel-based casino, High Stakes and Hyperspace.

  • Hal Lars

    Hal Lars resides on the Wheel, where he operates the equipment shop Hal's Parts Store. You strongarmed him into giving you a Bacta tank, then threatened to put him in one of your force cages.

  • Yav Yiyar

    Yav Yiyar is number three in the Yiyar clan hierarchy and number two in Yiyar Salvage. He leads by example and is the captain of a modified YT-2400 freighter, the Nightflyer. By all accounts, he is an excellent advance salvage scout.

  • Apoto

    Apoto is Yav Yiyar's mechanic and salvage expert. He keeps the Nightflyer running and appraises shipwrecks' salvage value and complexity of retrieval. He got caught eavesdropping on you at IsoTech headquarters and took a beating for it.

  • Eshon

    Eshon provides protection for the crew of the Nightflyer and keeps watch over others as they survey a salvage site.

  • IT-3PO

    IT-3PO is the property of Reom and Shira, and their father Ropok before that. IT-3PO has not had its memory wiped since before the Clone Wars. It knew Rel Harsol and perhaps other passengers and crew of the Sa Nalaor.

  • Rel Harsol

    Captain Rel Harsol was the last captain of the Sa Nalaor before it crash landed on Cholganna near the end of the Clone Wars.

  • Cratala

    Cratala was once a leading cyberneticist designer and researcher, and she was an outspoken critic of Republic corruption. After she refused compulsory conscription onto Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's private medical staff, she fled the Republic and …

  • Ninan

    Ninan is a hardcore supporter of the Confederacy of Independent Systems who crash landed on Cholganna over twenty years ago.

  • Rewna

    Rewna was a young apprentice droid technician when the Sa Nalaor crashed on Cholganna. She has lived most of her life away from the civilized galaxy.