Tag: Droid


  • R5-D4

    R5-D4 was one of the last droids produced in the low cost Industrial Automaton R5 line, a line plagued with malfunctions. As a result, R5-D4 was owned by many beings and in a constant state of used sale. The droid eventually came into the possession …

  • IT-3PO

    IT-3PO is the property of Reom and Shira, and their father Ropok before that. IT-3PO has not had its memory wiped since before the Clone Wars. It knew Rel Harsol and perhaps other passengers and crew of the Sa Nalaor.

  • B1 Battle Droid

    Our heroes came across 24 unpacked B1 Battle Droids and told Jabba the Hutt that they had been jettisoned into deep space. One can only imagine what Jabba will do once he finds out.