Tag: Twi'lek


  • B'ura B'an

    B'ura B'an is a noted hero of the Ryloth Miner’s Revolutionary Front. When Aqualish thugs arrived on Ryloth and tried to muscle in on the planet’s ryll mining operations, a group of Twi’leks organized a series of mines said to be run “for and by Twi’ …

  • Nyn Kablo

    Nyn Kablo is a Twi'lek militant who lives on the planet Ryloth. Her group was formed to protect the interests of the common Twi'leks on Ryloth and came into conflict with a group of thugs that were terrorizing the nearby mine of New Meen. Her group is …

  • Reom

    Reom is the president of IsoTech. He is a talented smuggler, crafty entrepreneur, and superb negotiator. He has contacts throughout the galaxy, including powerful figures in the underworld. Reom handles IsoTech's Outer Rim operations, particularly new …

  • Shira

    Shira is a principal of IsoTech and is reportedly tough and handy with a blaster. She bristles at the notion that Twi'lek females are little more than dancing girls and is quick to correct anyone on that point.