Fragments from the Rim

Cool Runnings

With Angu Drombb’s men slaughtered, save for one hapless survivor, our heroes return to New Meen as its liberators. The Crimson Eclipse is on the threshold of leaving behind its past as a slaver’s ship and resuming its career as a smuggler’s vessel.

However, the events at New Meen have resulted only in questions. What happened to the records at the development? Who was Angu Drombb working for? What is Teemo the Hutt planning?

As the heroes return to Nabat, they find waiting for them an unexpected visitor set to make an offer they cannot refuse…

The Story So Far


In the last opening crawl, I assumed that the Crimson Eclipse would leave its past as a slaver ship behind and would once again become a smuggler’s ship. By the end of the session, it contained no ryll spice and had added one more victim to its force cages.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning to explain how we reached this point.

Before the blaster smoke had cleared from the development near New Meen, our heroes began to interrogate Wan Voss, the sole survivor of the slaughter at Angu Drombb’s cantina. However, he had no new information. He firmly believed that the plan to take over the ryll mine at New Meen was entirely Angu Drombb’s idea, and by harassing the miners, he was simply doing what he had been paid to do. Tough as he was, however, he was no murderer, and he was quick to sing like a canary to the beings who had slaughtered over a score of his compatriots.

Meanwhile, Soz Velik and Theemin Cosmoswar explored the barracks to find information. The paper records that Theemin examined were of no help, save for the inference of what was missing. There was no mention of equipment that had been delivered to the development on the Cool Shot, which was (likely not coincidentally), Sola Bolban’s ship. Soz focused his efforts on retrieving Angu Drombb’s hard drive, which had been wiped of data mere moments before the firefight erupted.

Then, things took a turn for the madcap. Bao Bogo continued to drink himself into a stupor, but when it was time to leave, he insisted on driving the speeder. Theemin suggested that B’ura B’an could use the barracks as housing for the miners, and after he retorted that Angu Drombb owned the land, Theemin mused aloud that the Twi’lek Oligarch who approved the land grant might be murdered, that the cantina in the middle of nowhere might be rebuilt, and that the lot may be seized by the New Meen colonists because they had paid taxes on other land.

A mighty cheer went up as the Twi’lek throng uncovered a mighty cache of brass knuckles. As they began to loot the development of its bunk beds, our heroes, laden with Corellian whiskey and brass knuckles, made for New Meen with Wan Voss in tow. Though they were offered with their first shipment of ryll spice at New Meen, our heroes declined and took off for Rabat with their prisoner and B’ura B’an, who would need to return the speeder. B’ura B’an suggested that the heroes meet with Nyn Kablo right away, but the heroes elected to scope out Sola Bolban’s ship and to get their prisoner into a force cage so he could be tortured. Bao Bogo put Wan Voss to sleep with a point blank stun bolt. With a blaster in one hand and a nearly empty whiskey bottle in the other, Bao Bogo swerved his way back to Nabat, and the heroes left Riskyr to scout out Docking Pad 54.

Riskyr observed armed men on the Cool Shot and reported back that it would be a bad idea to storm the ship. Naturally, our heroes decided to storm the ship. Bao Bogo let out a whooping war cry, smashed his empty whiskey bottle near a service droid in Docking Pad 25, and made for the Cool Shot with Du Nahgg, Kira Sunrider, Soz Velik and R5-D4 in tow.

As she departed the scene, Riskyr happened upon a fellow Bothan of her clan, who identified himself as Ota. To her surprise, she learned that he was on his way to see Nyn Kalbo in a matter concerning Teemo the Hutt. Theemin Cosmoswar left to rendezvous with Riskyr and to meet with Ota at Nyn Kablo’s hideout.

Back at Docking Pad 54, hijinx ensued. The heroes appeared uninvited to the location, and after an attending CZ-series droid approached to ask what their business was, Soz Velik commanded R5-D4 to ram the protocol droid. Shortly before the CZ droid could make its way to a communications station, Bao Bogo blasted it to pieces, along with every other droid on the pad to ensure that there were no witnesses. Soz immediately sliced open the Cool Shot’s boarding ramp, and Du Nahgg made her way up into a hail of blaster fire. She eluded the merciful stun bolts and stabbed one of the Cool Shot’s crew to death, and although Soz was stunned, Kira Sunrider and Bao Bogo chased down the remaining crew member and heroically shot him in the back.

With blaster smoke filling the area, our heroes ran away and left Bao Bogo to get the Cool Shot away from Nabat. Bao Bogo complied and promptly took the ship to the only other place on Ryloth to which he had been: New Meen. As the rest of our heroes whistled and strolled away, they observed spaceport security forces piling onto Docking Pad 25 and verbalizing confused exchanges.

Theemin and Riskyr arrived at Nyn Kablo’s hideout. Nyn Kablo was slightly perturbed about news of a firefight on one of Nabat’s docking pads, but she introduced Ota, a Bothan, to the pair. Before Ota could begin, Nyn received a frantic call from B’ura B’an, who explained that the Ghtroc 720 freighter that had just been in the midst of the boisterous caper in Nabat had arrived at New Meen. Theemin’s explanation that the freighter carried their friend Bao Bogo caused Nyn to demand that he leave New Meen before the authorities arrived and discovered the nearby slaughter. That was the last that the group saw of Nyn Kablo.

Ota presented to those remaining in the room a trifold bounty on Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse for 50,000 credits each. Although a bounty this large would draw the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy, he suggested that if Teemo could be neutralized, the bounty would be dropped. Ota told the party that he had learned of a party being thrown by one Duke Piddock, a Geonosian nobleman, who had recently cut off a business arrangement of some sort with Teemo. A second nobleman, Duke Dimmock, picked up where Piddock left off, and Ota suggested that the group find out why Piddock cancelled the deal. If the reason was sufficiently egregious, Dimmock might follow suit and agree to help the group work against Teemo.

As Bao Bogo made off for Mon Bala, the innermost planet of the system, to hide from the Cool Shot’s pursuers, skulduggery took place aboard another ship. Soz Velik and R5-D4 went to work to recover the contents of Angu Drombb’s hard drive, and Du Nahgg went to work on Wan Voss and Thweek, who had not been fed in days and who was now using his force cage as his refresher.

With great success, Soz and R5-D4 managed to recover two messages on the hard drive from Angu Drombb to, of all people, Thweek! They read:

Yes it’s a risky business. I’m amazed Trex managed to get away with that droid technician Sivor without causing the whole thing to fall down on our heads. You never know with kriffing bugs, with their clades and castes and such. Annoy the one on top and you lose every other link in the chain. Start from scratch. I thought this whole deal was going to fall through when we lost the support of Duke Piddock, but Dimmock – he might be the bug for us.


Decapitated! Ha! Well, make sure he never gets to hear about that! I mean, don’t get me wrong, the bugs are kriffing hypocrites on the issue if you ask me. They’re more than happy to see dozens of drones squandered in their own games, but if he knew what happened with Sivor, it’d be all over for the deal. Hah, putting a techgeek in the ring against you! What a way to go.

After Theemin, Riskyr and R5-D4 returned to the ship with Ota, Soz Velik revealed the messages and his conclusion that Du Nahgg had erased them. Du Nahgg asserted that the messages were not material to the group’s collective efforts, and before blasters could be drawn, Ota stepped in and confessed that he had received the messages, from Du Nahgg, to be used for the benefit of the group at large. Tempers cooled, but the group was unquestionably fracturing.

Without further ado, the Crimson Eclipse met up with the Cool Shot and docked the ships together in space just in time for the group to remember that they never removed Teemo’s tracking device. Theemin made his way to the Cool Shot to loot it without considering that Bao Bogo had already done so. Riskyr volunteered to perform a risky spacewalk to remove the tracking device, but after a missed step, she floated away into the inky blackness of space. It was peaceful.

Fortunately, Soz Velik happened to notice Riskyr tumbling away, and leaving the Cool Shot behind (nearly with Theemin still on it), managed to maneuver the Crimson Eclipse to catch Riskyr. As the group pondered sending R5-D4 up next to remove the device, Riskyr, with a clarity of thought that can only come from a brush with death, said, “Didn’t Soz rig up a killswitch to the device so it could be shut off from inside the ship?”

“Oh yeah,” the group murmured in unison.

And the device was deactivated from inside.

With another planet to which our heroes should probably never return behind them, the Crimson Eclipse headed for Geonosis. Four force cages were still occupied, two of which were by corpses. It’s a good thing that Trex installed six of them.

Player Characters
Du Nahgg Vlaren, Theemin Cosmoswar, Riskyr Eshka’lya, Soz Velik, Kira Sunrider

Weekly Recap

Laugh it up, fuzzball! (Funniest Moment)

Tom – Brass knuckles galore. Brass knuckles for all!

Paul – The image of the landspeeder weighted down with us, a crate of corellian whiskey, and a pony keg of bras knuckles.

I have a bad feeling about this. (Eeriest Moment)

Tom – The reveal of the size of the bounties on Theemin, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse.

Paul – Soz’s confrontation with Du Nahgg. Violence in the air!

Never tell me the odds! (Best Heroics)

Tom – Riskyr, for volunteering to do the dangerous space walk.

Paul – The storming of the ship! Du knifing everyone, Soz’s stunned body sliding down the gangplank, Kira jumping into the fray, Bao being unhelpful!

We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you? (Dubious Decision)

Tom – Suggesting to B’ura B’an that killing the Oligarch was a fine thing to do in furtherance of building a cantina on a patch of remote desert that none of you own. Then, electing to take a cargo of Corellian whiskey and brass knuckles back to Nabat instead of the ryll spice for which you murdered dozens of men. Surely your new business partners think you to be MAD.

Paul – Tom played bao bogo so well that it is hard not to give the award to any number of moments. However, I will go with du nahgg for erasing the computer and hiding the info.

I am a Jedi, like my father before me. (Best Roleplay Moment)

Tom – I give this award to ME for playing Bao Bogo in Bryant’s absence. He absolutely would have taken the Cool Shot to New Meen.

Paul – The confrontation between the crew over du nahgg’s actions.

In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck. (Luck of the Irish)

Tom – Ota, for being the first NPC to set foot on the Crimson Eclipse and not be confined to a force cage. If he plays his cards right, he will be the first NPC to leave the ship alive.

Paul – That we could turn off the tracking device internally. Oh, and Du Nahgg for Kira opting to shoot to the right instead of the left when she boarded the ship.

IT’S A TRAP! (Luck of the Polish)

Tom – All of us, for forgetting that Soz Velik had rigged up a kill switch to the tracking device on the Crimson Eclipse.

Paul – anyone who stands in our way. We are leaving a legendary trail of corpses.

There is another. (Pat on the Group Back)

Tom – The group is definitely splintering, but the roleplaying surrounding it has been excellent. Who is the greater threat to the PCs? Teemo? OR THEMSELVES?

Paul – high tension amongst this thrown together band right when we need to be working closely and in trust. Can we pull off the improbable victory or will it all come to tears?

Pass on what you have learned (Learning Points)

Du Nahgg Vlaren Always plan ahead.

Theemin Cosmoswar – We have the grace of a bull in a China shop, but since disruption is a goal, this is a good thing. Now is not the time for refinement.

Riskyr Eshka’lya – Well. Here I am. Make sure Soz installs tethering system for space walks.

Soz Velik- I’m not listening to any more suggestions or plans. These people are nuts!

Kira Sunrider Have you ever heard that discretion is the better part of valor? I may have to define what discretion is.


I think Tom might have a bit of the space madness. I never suggested the oligarch be killed…just ignored until he came looking into things, then we would deal with him. I meant negotiate for use/purchase of the land but I can see how Bura Ban might have misinterpreted that.

Cool Runnings

As I recall, you used the phrase “dead men tell no tales” re: the Oligarch.

Cool Runnings

LOL, I meant our prisoner there…what’s his name? If we killed anyone who would go to the Oligarch and just kept quiet and went about our business, it would buy us time to build up the financial resources necessary to deal with the Oligarch when he finally came inquiring.

Cool Runnings
worboys worboys

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