Fragments from the Rim

Geonosian Negotiations

With the shenanigans on Ryloth behind them, the renegades make their way to Geonosis with the enigmatic Ota Dall’lar in tow. Their mission is to discover why Duke Piddock, a Geonosian noble, abruptly stopped doing business with TEEMO THE HUTT and to deliver that information to Duke Dimmock, with whom Teemo has started doing business.

To prevail in this endeavor, our heroes will need the cunning of a Hutt and the shrewdness of a Toydarian. Or, they might use the brute force of a Wookiee again and torture information out of the survivors. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE and VICTIMS FOR THE FORCE CAGES

The Story So Far


As our heroes approached Geonosis, Ota Dall’lar utilized a covert transmission device to give the Crimson Eclipse an “all clear” signal from the Imperial Star Destroyer that patrolled the system from orbit. Before making planetfall, Kira Sunrider undertook the filthy task of removing a dead, bloated, nude, bound Trandoshan from its force cage and jettisoning the carrion into space.

Upon arrival, our heroes were greeted by two large soldier caste Geonosians with large blaster rifles, which may have had more to do with advertising than intimidation, as they were being invited to an arms sale. Ota, being the direct recipient of the invitation, stayed aboard the Crimson Eclipse as our heroes made their way into the recently built cantina at Gogum Hive to attend Duke Piddock’s shindig with R5-D4 in tow.

Theemin was surprised to find that Anatta, a long time information broker for Jabba the Hutt, was in attendance. Anatta advised that he was aware of the bounties on Theemin, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse, but he stayed to trade information with Theemin.

In the course of buying 130 credits worth of ultimately inconsequential information, Theemin told Anatta that Bao Bogo (who was not present) would pay for the service. Once the deal was completed, Anatta sought payment from Bao Bogo, who repeatedly refused to pay Anatta and taunted the diminutive Toydarian.

In response, Anatta ratted out the group to Vrixx’tt, a Gand bounty hunter who was also in attendance. Upon seeing the exchange, Bao Bogo confronted Vrixx’tt, who spoke through the cantina’s protocol droid, BG-222. Vrixx’tt asked how much he would be paid to forget that he found Bao Bogo and his group, and Bao Bogo clandestinely went for his blaster. Vrixx’tt, through the protocol droid, suggested that Duke Piddock’s party was no place for bloodshed, and that while he meant nothing personal, they would meet later. Bao Bogo agreed, and Vrixx’tt managed to slip from the cantina from right under Du Nahgg’s watchful eye.

Meanwhile, Riskyr had a conversation that played like a bad first date with a Sullustan named Mu Nanb, and Kira Sunrider made fast friends with a brother and sister team of smugglers, Orpa Vio and Wex Vio, who co-captained the Lucky Guess. Simultaneously, Soz Velik got friendly with a human named Maru Jakkar, who was unquestionably a criminal operative of some kind.

When Soz brought up Teemo the Hutt, Maru privately expressed concerns of others in her “organization” who found that Teemo was buying up schematics and parts for old Baktoid Combat Automata, B1 battle droids. Maru and Soz agreed that something had to be done, and Maru said that she would meet Soz later…back in Mos Shuuta.

The group finally approached Duke Piddock and masterfully got him on the topic of why he stopped doing business with Teemo the Hutt. Piddock emotionally told the tale of how the “worm” sent an insectivorous Kubaz named Thweek to negotiate a deal with him. The insult! Sending an insect-eater to deal with a Geonosian noble! Then, to make matters worse, Duke Piddock’s emissary, a technician named Sivor, went missing. He suspected that Teemo did away with Sivor, and even though he could prove nothing, he cancelled the deal.

You could only imagine Duke Piddock’s surprise when our heroes revealed that Thweek had killed Sivor in Teemo the Hutt’s gladiatorial arena and that they had Thweek as a captive on their ship. Duke Piddock pledged his aid to our heroes if they delivered the Kubaz to him, and as Du Nahgg left to fetch Thweek, Duke Piddock shouted for the arena to be prepared.

Then things did not go so well. The Crimson Eclipse was missing from its landing gantry, having been stolen by Vrixx’tt for the bounty (and who did not feel like facing Bao Bogo and Theemin Cosmoswar alone). Things went from bad to worse when the heroes failed to deliver Thweek (who was on the Crimson Eclipse) as promised and let it slip that there were massive bounties out on them when they tried to complain to Duke Piddock about Vrixx’tt.

Duke Piddock had the heroes cast from Gogum Hive into the Geonosian wasteland. Riskyr, having had enough of the group, said her farewells as she went on a walkabout. Without a ship or a home, and with Vrixx’tt likely on the way back with a small army to collect the rest of the bounty, fortune smiled on our heroes in the form of Orpa and Wex Vio. They offered to take the newly-minted hobos to their next port of call…which happened to be Mos Shuuta! The brother and sister team were to pick up some cargo from Duke Piddock at Trellik Hive for Teemo the Hutt the following day, and the heroes jumped at the opportunity.

Although smaller in number, the remainder of the group was headed back into the belly of the beast with nothing but revenge on their minds. First, however, Theemin Cosmoswar sought out Anatta to offer an olive branch and a bit of free information – namely, that Teemo the Hutt was looking to reverse engineer B1 Battle Droids.

Anatta put the information to quick use and made a hefty profit from his best customer as the Lucky Guess was en route to Tatooine…

Player Characters
Du Nahgg Vlaren, Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo, Riskyr Eshka’lya, Soz Velik, Kira Sunrider

Weekly Recap

Laugh it up, fuzzball! (Funniest Moment)

Tom – Riskyr parroting Maru Jakkar’s advice to Soz Velik when she spoke with the greenhorn Mu Nanb. “Rule 1: Never admit that you’re new at this.”

Jon – The puddle of Trex congealing on the tarmac. A not very effective warning to other bounty hunters.

I have a bad feeling about this. (Eeriest Moment)

Tom – Du Nahgg’s arrival at the docking gantry to find the Crimson Eclipse gone.

Jon – The realization we were about to enter yet another cantina…and that we committed mass murder in every one we’ve visited.

Never tell me the odds! (Best Heroics)

Tom – Soz Velik, for getting the critical information out of Maru Jakkar.

Jon – The Corellian siblings for letting us in their ship.

We’re all fine here now, thank you. How are you? (Dubious Decision)

Tom – My gut instinct was to give this award to Bao Bogo for toying with the Toydarian who had some serious dirt on you guys. After further reflection, however, I’m giving the award to Theemin Cosmoswar for creating a situation where a Toydarian would demand credits from Bao Bogo. You had to have known how that would go down.

Jon – Whoever announced to Lord Piddock that we have HUGE bounties on us. No really, you wouldn’t believe how much they want for us. It’s crazy!

I am a Jedi, like my father before me. (Best Roleplay Moment)

Tom – Jose gets the award this week for giving up Riskyr. It’s not easy to give up a character you like but who doesn’t fit into the group dynamic.

Jon – Tom’s Toydarian was epic. Special props for having to prepare it a week in advance for nothing.

In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck. (Luck of the Irish)

Tom – Kira Sunrider, for finding a ride to exactly the place you need to go. At least, Vrixx’tt is counting on you showing up in Mos Shuuta…

Jon – Trex finally got the burial he deserved.

IT’S A TRAP! (Luck of the Polish)

Tom – If you’re lucky, you’ll never find out why it’s so bad that Ota was killed or captured.

Jon – Bao Bogo for finding a new way to get his ship stolen.

There is another. (Pat on the Group Back)

Tom – You didn’t murder or torture anyone this session!

Jon – Uhhh…All I can come up with is that we skipped half the session, which after last week means we are exactly where we should be.

Pass on what you have learned (Learning Points)

Du Nahgg Vlaren

Theemin Cosmoswar – Nope. Even Bao Bogo should have known to pay, which to his credit he did, but too late and didn’t follow after him to make sure it was done. My learning point is that Bao Bogo finds new ways to lower my expectations of him in anything that doesn’t involve piloting a starship.

Bao Bogo – Blah blah something about eating poop blah blah blah.

Riskyr Eshka’lya – Sometimes your options are reduced to bad and worse; when that happens, the only choice one can make is deciding to leave a bad situation.

Soz Velik- Being honest and charming gets better results than torture.

Kira Sunrider- I should follow my first instincts to stay with the ship. What happens when I don’t. The ship gets stolen thats what.


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