Toydarian Information Broker


A talkative and seemingly friendly blue Toydarian with a gruff, loud voice.


Anatta is a seller of information. He often works towards impressing his most regular customer, Jabba the Hutt.

After Theemin Cosmoswar promised Anatta on Geonosis that Bao Bogo would pay for information, Bao Bogo elected to mess with the diminutive Toydarian instead. This led to Anatta giving a bit of free information to Vrixxt, a Gand bounty hunter, to wit: that there was a 150,000 credit bounty on Theemin, Bao and the Crimson Eclipse.

Theemin and Anatta patched things up on Geonosis after Theemin gave Anatta a very, very valuable piece of information, to wit: that Teemo the Hutt was planning on reverse engineering B1 Battle Droids to create a droid army.

Anatta quickly made his way back to Tatooine, and after selling the information to Jabba the Hutt, he connected with Maru Jakkar and the two of them worked with Soz Velik to bring down Teemo the Hutt. Immediately after Kira Sunrider secured hard proof of Teemo’s efforts, Anatta passed the information to Jabba the Hutt, who in turn made a rare personal appearance to ask Teemo about his transgressions.

Anatta remains on friendly terms with the heroes and is a resource who may be called upon for information…at a price, that is. Toydarians don’t work for free.


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