Kira Sunrider

Human Jedi


GENDER: Female
CAREER: Soldier
SPECIALIZATION TREES: Medic / Force Sensitive Exile / Force Sensitive Emergent / Soresu Defender

Soak Value: 4
Wounds: 15
Strain: 16
Defense: 2/2

- Emotional Strength: Compassion (cares about others’ suffering)
- Emotional Weakness: Hatred (against those who cause others to suffer)


Brawn: 3
Agility: 3
Intellect: 4
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 3
Presence: 2


*Athletics(Br): 1
*Discipline(Will): 2
*Medicine(Int): 3
*Perception(Cun): 1
*Resilience(Br): 2
*Survival(Cun): 1
*Vigilance(Will): 2


*Brawl(Br): 1
Gunnery(Ag): 1
*Lightsaber(Br/Int): 3
*Ranged — Light (Ag): 2
*Ranged — Heavy(Ag): 0

Education(Int): 1
*Lore(Int): 0
*Xenology(Int): 1
*Warefare(Int): 0


Bacta Specialist (1) -patient recover +1 wound per rank from bacta tanks or long term care.

Forager(1) – Remove up to 2 setback from skill checks to find food, water, or shelter. Survival checks to forage take half the time.

Grit (3) – Gain +1 strain threshold (1 for Medic, 1 for FS Emergent, 1 for Soresu Defender)

Improved Stim Application – May increase difficulty to 3 and target suffers only 1 strain.

Stim Application – Take the Stim Application action; make a 2 difificulty Medicine check. If successful, 1 engaged ally increases 1 characteristic by 1 for the encounter and suffers 4 strain.

Stimpack Specialization (2) – Stimpacks heal 1 additional wound per rank of Stimpack Specialization.

Surgeon (1) – When making a Medicine check to help a character heal wounds, the target heals 1 additional wound per rank of Surgeon.

Toughened(2) – Gain +2 wound threshold (once for Medic, once for Soresu Defender)

Dedication – +1 Intellect

Force Rating

Insight – Perception and Discipline become career skills.

Quick Draw – Once per round, draw or holster a weapon or item as an incidental.

Street Smarts – Remove 1 setback per rank of Street Smarts from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.

Touch of Fate – Twice per session, add 2 boost to any one check.

Uncanny Reactions (2) – Add 1 boost per rank of Uncanny Reactions to all Vigilance checks

Force Rating

Indistinguishable – Upgrade difficulty to identify Kira.

Slight of Mind – Add boost die to Stealth (unless opposition is immune to Force powers)

Touch of Fate – Twice per session, add 2 boost to any one check.

Defensive Stance – Suffer X strain to upgrade melee attack difficulty by X up to ranks in Defensive Stance

Improved Parry – If attack generates 3 disadvantage or 1 despair, hit once with Lightsaber’s base damage

Parry (2) – Suffer three strain to reduce damage of a melee attack by two plus ranks in Parry

Reflect – Suffer three strain to reduce damage of a ranged attack by two plus ranks in Parry

Soresu Technique – Use Intellect instead of Brawn when using the Lightsaber skill



Basic Power – Add Force dice to Athletics Pool

Control – Force leap horizontally to Short Range

Control – Force leap vertically to Short Range

Basic Power (Move Silhouette 0 object within Short Range)

Basic Power – Spend one Force Point to heal a number of wounds equal to Intellect from an engaged living target (Heal); or spend one Force Point to inflict a number of wounds equal to Intellect on an engaged living target, ignoring soak. The user gains 1 Conflict.

Control – Heal additional wounds equal to ranks in Medicine, or inflict additional wounds equal to ranks in Medicine.

Basic Power

Control – Upgrade difficulty to hit once per Force die committed


Heavy Clothing
Heavy Blaster Pistol
Lightsaber – Bronze Blade, The Heart of the Guardian (Dam. 10; Crit. 1; Breach 1; Sunder 1; Defensive 2; Deflection 2)
Synthetic Anesthetic

XP Record:
Session 1 (Escape from Mos Shuuta) – 20 Gained, 20 Spent, 0 Remaining:
Purchased: Bacta Specialist (10 XP) and Stimpack Specialization (10 XP)

Session 2 (Long Arm of the Hutt) – 20 Gained, 20 Spent, 0 Remaining:
Grit (5 XP) and Stim Application (15 XP)

Session 3 (Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines) – 20 Gained, 20 Spent, 0 Remaining:
Medicine 3 (15 XP) and Stimpack Specialization 2 (5 XP)

Session 4 (Cool Runnings) – 10 Gained, 0 Spent, 10 Remaining:

Session 5 (Geonosian Negotiations) – 10 Gained, 0 Spent, 20 Remaining:

Session 6() :- 35 Gained (20 session, 10 Character History, 5 Journal), 15 Spent, 40 Remaining:
Xenology 1 (5XP), Gunnery 1(10XP)

Session 7() : 40 Spent
Resilience 2 (10xp), Vigilance 2 (10xp), Survival 1(5XP), Forager(5), Toughened (10)

Session 8-whatever: 90 gained, 90 spent. Force Sensitive Exile Talent Tree (20 XP), Insight (5 XP), Uncanny Reactions (5 XP), Quick Draw (10 XP), Touch of Fate (15 XP), Street Smarts (20 XP), Force Power: Sense (10 XP), Perception 1 (5 XP), Discipline 2 (10 XP)

Last three sessions of The Jewel of Yavin 70 gained, 65 spent – Uncanny Reflexes 2 (20 XP), Dedication – Intellect (25 XP), Heal/Harm (10 XP), Heal/Harm Control (10 XP)

Under a Black Sun – 35 XP

Domain of Evil – 95 XP gained, 70 XP spent – Force Rating 2 (25 XP), Force Sensitive Emergent Talent Tree (30 XP), Indistinguishable (5 XP), Slight of Mind (10 XP), Grit (15 XP), Touch of Fate (20 XP), Force Rating (25 XP), Force Power – Move (10 XP), Force Power – Enhance (10 XP)

Ord Radama through the Battle of Hoth – 85 XP gained, 75 XP spent – Soresu Defender (50 XP), Lightsaber 2 (10 XP), Parry (5 XP), Soresu Technique (10 XP)

Return to Mos Theemin through Crates of Krayts – 50 XP gained, 90 XP spent – Lightsaber 3 (15 XP), Parry 2 (5 XP), Reflect (10 XP), Defensive Stance (5 XP), Grit (10 XP), Toughened (5 XP), Enhance Basic +2 Control (30 XP), Sense Control (10 XP)

-45 XP remaining


I’m a medic. I wanted to be a surgeon, but things didn’t quite work out that way okay. My parents owned a ranch and let my brothers roam around and learn the family business. They wanted me to be more genteel so I didn’t get any of that. Instead, they hired tutors for years. I think they wanted to marry me off to some politico and the closest to anything practical I could get them to teach me was anatomy and first aid. The rest of it was bull. Unfortunately, there was a drought. My family probably could have survived that alone, but it lead my father into making a few bad deals and he tried to gamble his way out of it. There went the tutors, any politico waiting to marry me, and anything else my family aspired to. Thank god. My brother Alitan took me along with him when he was looking for work. On a ranch, someone is always getting hurt, so the kinds of jobs he found, I also earned a little. And I learned how to hold my own. The last job brought us to Tatooine. If there is anything I regret, its this last job. My brother was out on a job. There was some kind of accident. Now he’s dead and need to work for real. The kind of full time work they have on this planet for a girl like me isn’t the kind I want to take. Time to leave.

Kira Sunrider

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