Trandoshan Slaver


Trex is a Trandoshan slaver in the employ of Hutt Cartel crime lord Teemo and the legal owner of the Krayt Fang, a/k/a the Crimson Eclipse. He has a bum leg and has been permanently blinded, thanks to you. He also suffers from an acute and chronic case of oxygen deprivation.


Trex purchased the Crimson Eclipse from Teemo the Hutt, and aside from re-registering the vessel as the Krayt Fang with the Bureau of Ship Services, he did nothing to the ship except (1) reprogram the computer into Trandoshan; and (2) line the walls with blades and bones. That’s it. He never even bothered refueling it.

Trex currently resides in one of his own force cages in the ship’s cargo hold.

We really need to let him go before he starts smelling the place up.


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