Gand Bounty Hunter


A rather large Gand with lungs.


Anatta tipped off Vrixx’tt to the bounties on Theemin Cosmoswar, Bao Bogo and the Crimson Eclipse. After speaking to Bao Bogo, Vrixx’tt concluded that he was in no position to make a move on the Sullustan without some serious backup, so he did the next best thing. He stormed the Crimson Eclipse, and after overpowering Ota Dall’lar, cashed in the bounty on the ship.

After seeing the horrors aboard the Crimson Eclipse, Vrixx’tt thanked his lucky stars that he chose not to confront the renegades by himself. He took his 50,000 credits, and after he saw Theemin Cosmoswar make an appearance at Teemo’s palace, his hunter’s instincts took over. He quietly slipped away from the fracas with his money and bid farewell to Tatooine.

Still, he would like another crack at Theemin and Bao Bogo. After all, he’d like to prove to himself that he could take them down if he wanted to do so…


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