Wan Voss

Human Thug


An older, greying man with a moustache. He resided in Force Cage 4 on the Crimson Eclipse alongside Sivor’s carapace, Thweek and Trex’s corpse. He was tortured, of course.


Wan Voss grew up in hard times in the undercity of Coruscant. He fought and clawed his way offworld to become a hired gun. He fell in with Angu Drombb and had a good thing going on Ryloth until his employer and all of his friends were murdered.

For two days, he resided in a force cage on the Crimson Eclipse. Denied food, water and toileting, he awaited death only to be liberated by Vrixx’tt, a Gand bounty hunter. Add Wan Voss to the list of beings who want revenge against the renegades.

Wan Voss

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