Battle of Endor

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We gathered on Sullust to prepare for our attack on the Empire’s horrific weapon. We broke into teams, with the plan to have the bulk of the Rebellion forces attack the massive space station from the inside, with a smaller team on the Endor moon blowing away the generator that shielded the space station. If we could destroy the station’s reactor, it would be at a minimum disabled, and if the battle around it went well, perhaps we would be able to eliminate it completely.

Xander Owen joined the ground force, as did Kira and I, led by General Solo, Princess Leia, and Commander Skywalker. I was uncomfortable revealing my Force sensitivity to Commander Skywalker, not knowing him very well and not wanting to depend on a resource I was not ready to fully acknowledge, but I hoped to speak to Owen about it. Using the Lambda shuttle we had previously stolen, and some codes similarly acquired, we had a tense moment but made it past the Imperial cordon. Landing on Endor, we split into three groups to locate the Imperial Scouts we knew would be on the surface.

Sure enough, we found three. As the best scout out of all of us, I was leading a group of me, Owen, and a couple of Rebel fighters named Jones and Redshirt. The latter two were awful woodsmen, giving us away to the scouts, but we were quick to drop two of them, and Owen and I chased down the third using their own speeder bikes. Resuming our scouting, we reported back only to find out that General Solo’s party had run into a similar scouting party but had not returned. Leaving Kira in charge of the remaining troops and agreeing to rendezvous at the bunker in the morning, we resumed our patrol in the hope that we’d be able to find our missing companions. As we walked, I discovered some strange tracks in the woods, small, humanoid, and new to me. Following those tracks, we found a crude trap in the woods, meat over a snare. Nearby was one of the creatures, carrying a spear and garbed in leather skins. Though initially hostile, I quickly won it over, and soon it was leading us to its home.

There was a rope forest high above the ground, a small village built into and around the trees. And to our surprise, there was the Princess, General Solo, and the rest of their party. The creatures had somehow decided that the protocol droid was their deity incarnate (so to speak). We regrouped and ate with the creatures, spending the night in their treetop village after quiet and morose conversation, knowing that the planned ambush had a lot riding on it.

The next morning dawned clear, and we headed for the bunker only to find it well-guarded. Our creature guides suggesting trying the less-guarded rear entry, which proved to be more successful. We managed to take the bunker and set up the charges to destroy the generator… only to find that the Empire had somehow discovered our plans and had an entire troop waiting for us outside the bunker. We were captured.

Battle of Endor

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