Mos Theemin, Nar Shadaa, and the Kray Crate Caper

<appropriate dates for Tatooine/Nar Shaddaa>
I didn’t know what sort of game Theemin was playing. I saw only menace in his purported overtures of friendship, but after his kind offer of a relaxation therapist, and the months confined with my companions, I gratefully, if suspiciously, accepted. I woke the next day planning to watch the Bunta Eve Pod Race from the comfort of the suite Theemin provided. All was well; Bao Bogo was not in the lead early, but it seemed he had a shot, as he managed to navigate the first lap without serious mishap.

As he came out of the first lap, however, he managed to catch up to the leader, pausing to shoot that leader’s pod to eliminate him from the race. As soon as I saw that, I bid my bed buddy farewell, dressed, and headed for the Crimson Eclipse. Much to my shock, it was still there and still ours, so I boarded and waited for the inevitable.

When we were all together again, Bogo disqualified AND cheated out of fifty thousand credits by Theemin’s closing of the casino (and I really must start spreading the tale about Theemin welching on bets), we decided to let Theemin keep the loose change he’d collected and get started on our mission for the Alliance.

To our surprise, it had us meeting a representative of Jabba the Hutt, who had a package he wanted us to deliver it to another Hutt on Nar Shaddaa, Sinasu. The catch: the package consisted of a juvenile Krayt dragon and a clutch of Krayt eggs. Du Nahgg emphatically refused to go to Nar Shaddaa, citing slavery, but a little too flamboyantly: in jumping on top of the Krayt crate, she managed to wake the sleeping dragon, which could only be calmed by an injection from its handler. That injection, unfortunately ,could only be safely applied once, and would only buy us 18 hours of peace, so we regretfully moved our cargo into the Crimson Eclipse and left Du Nahgg on Tatooine, headed to Nar Shaddaa.

Upon reaching our destination, we discovered things would be even more complicated than we expected: Teemo the Hutt had attacked our recipient, making it much more difficult to deliver. We wanted to get the dragon off our ship and into the right hands as quickly as possible, so we split up to try to locate Sinasu and get rid off our foul-tempered guest.

<appropriate dates for Nar Shaddaa and the Krayt Crate Caper>
Kira and I headed to Graystar Holdings, a warehouse and office affiliated with Sinasu. Though mostly abandoned, we found a leaflet schematic of the water system indicating a location known as The Tank. After being contacted by Bao, we headed back to the Crimson Eclipse to pick up our cargo and attempt to deliver at The Tank.

We took off through a water system so large we could actually fly the Crimson Eclipse through it, eventually reaching a massive gate. Kira managed to open it remotely, but we unwisely decided to leave it open at my suggestion that perhaps a quick getaway would be necessary. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

We entered the gate to find a massive water reservoir with a small settlement next to it. Receiving permission to land, we quickly engaged with Sinasu’s protocol droid began unloading the cargo. We could hear the dragon emerging from its drugged slumber, but we managed to get our delivery signed for right as some of Teemo’s goons entered the reservoir, flying in on speeder bikes: we’d been followed.

Bao Bogo and I quickly rushed into the Crimson Eclipse to man the guns and defend our new client: Sinasu, who quickly requested transport out of here. The speeder bikes were no match for Bao’s and my accurate fire, especially from guns intended for ship-to-ship combat. Wiping out the opposition, we suggested a further humiliation for our old friend Teemo: take away the bar he owned and was currently lounging in, waiting for his goons to call in. With Owen shadowing Teemo, we were able to get Sinasu back to the bar on the Eclipse just as Teemo uncharacteristically popped out the front door, no doubt a result of Owen’s mandate to delay Teemo’s departure.

With this enormous nemesis aiming its guns at him, Teemo had no choice but to give up the bar. I was fairly certain he would attempt to make life difficult for us at some point in the future, but right then, we firmly had the upper hand. Though I would have preferred to stay under the radar with the Hutts, our involvement with Teemo, Kaltho, Jabba, and Sinasu was certainly making that difficult. Fortunately, out of all of them, only Teemo was an enemy.

Mos Theemin, Nar Shadaa, and the Kray Crate Caper

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