Ord Radama: Prelude to Hoth

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We escaped an obvious trap with panache! After a traitor captured Princess Leia and dragged her to Ord Radama, we infiltrated an opera house posing as stage hands in order to access tunnels below. The tunnels were well used, most likely by smugglers, but after I located and disabled a number of traps, we made it underneath the manor we were expecting the Princess would be taken to. We bypassed a lock on the door to what we thought was the kitchen of the manor, and then made plans to split up: John Owen would go in via the kitchen, supported by Du Nahgg, and the rest of us, meaning Kira, Soz, and me would backtrack to the manor’s garage. Bao Bogo would be at the helm of the Crimson Eclipse, ready to fly in.

We quietly entered the garage and eventually heard a commotion coming from the manor. We waited by the fancy groundcar, most likely Tremayne’s, and speeder bikes, trying not to alert the century of Storm Troopers outside the manor. Once the commotion began, meaning Owen had likely sprung Tremayne’s trap. I’m not quite sure what happened in there, aside from a highly dramatic duel that ended with Owen victorious.

With the ship containing our traitor and the Princess on its way, we signaled Bao Bogo to arrive and prepare to assault the Storm Troopers from the air with the Quad Cannons. Once the Princess’s ship arrived, Kira, Soz, and I made our way to it in the groundcar. With the Storm Troopers’ attention elsewhere, we had extremely convincing camouflage, and the traitor met us expecting the Inquisitor. We quickly took him in the groundcar while Soz took the ship and the Princess back into space. Kira and I took our prisoner to the Pinto, where it was decided (through Jedi arts) that he had not willingly turned, but could never be in a position of trust, given his weak-mindedness.

I’m not quite sure how Owen and Du Nahgg joined back up with Bao Bogo, but I’m sure it somehow involved putting the Crimson Eclipse in grave danger.

Ord Radama: Prelude to Hoth

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