The Jewel of Yavin

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With the dubious success of our mining expedition, the Rebellion has asked us to travel to Bespin and take part in an auction for a black market gem known as the Jewel of Yavin. The Rebellion needs funds, and our goal is to “acquire” the gem. Our contact on Bespin, Aris Shen, seems to have a shady paternal figure, and I fear we cannot trust either of them, but we’re sitting on 50,000 credits with the hope of turning those into greater gains. I cringe at the thought of the trail of bodies we’ll be leaving behind on Bespin if we operate with our usual “subtlety.” Fortunately for us, Theemin has had to leave to handle “business interests,” so if we can just keep Bao Bogo under control, we may have the chance to one day return to Bespin if we need to. I know it’s a big galaxy, but our actions seem to end up with large swathes of it no longer accessible to us.

We have several potential avenues to our goal. First, to get into the auction, Bao Bogo will attempt to win the Bespin Grand Prix, a local race of some repute where anything goes. I’m trying to imagine a crew as inventive and vicious as ours, so I think we can comfortably put most of our funds into that race. Meanwhile, I’ve been gathering information on the potential bidders, and as a group, we have been scouting the museum where the Jewel is being kept. We’ve got illicit slicers preparing data spikes and banking droids are ready to be hacked. This plan is coming together. So why am I worried?

<appropriate dates for end of Jewel of Yavin>
Well, Bao Bogo won the race. Not much drama; I expect the potential saboteurs were suitably convinced of Bao’s incompetence, but then, how could they know the Cloud Car we were “preparing” for the race was not the one we were planning on using? It seems they all sabotaged each other, but they did not manage to find our “special” Cloud Car, special in that our competitors did not have a chance to adulterate it in any way. At that point, they had no chance; even a drunk Bao Bogo would have easily won that race. I hate to say it, but he’s a hell of a pilot, when he’s not being an idiot.

The real drama stems from the auction: there was no auction. The Jewel was stolen before we could steal it! True to form, we still managed to have a pitched firefight in a docking bay, but ultimately, we were not involved in the crime we were hoping to commit. I’m confused by this. Of note, we ran into our old friend, Ota Dall’lar, in an Imperial shuttle we “acquired” after our little scrum (which resulted in the near-maiming of Du Nahgg, but thanks to Kira’s ministrations, she’ll survive, albeit with a cybernetic enhancement in her future). So no Jewel, but we return to the Rebellion with a shuttle that they can surely put to good use, Ota, who works for them in a similar manner as how we work with them (though I imagine with less noise and blood), and the stranger, John Owen.

The Jewel of Yavin

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