Trouble Brewing

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Jabba the Hutt was killed. We didn’t know all the details, and there were a number of stories swirling around what had actually happened, but the important fact was that there was now a power vacuum in the criminal world. A large one. We’d made enemies of Jabba’s enemies, which concerned me some as the Alliance turned to us to disrupt spice mining in Jabba’s holdings. We thus headed to Formos, on the Kessel Run.

On Formos, we encountered the disreputable and the impoverished, water-dealers, and pickpockets. Interrogating the first person who tried to scam us yielded the name of Jabba’s man on the ground: an Aqualish by the name of Bandon Doba. The space port was really a one-cantina sort of place, and we headed there to gather information. As we evaded scammers and pickpockets, we discovered a droid in a dumpster in a side alley. It was horribly mangled, but managed to tell the tale of its counterpart, an astromech droid with details on the Kessel Run and that had been recently snatched by local thugs.

At the cantina, we found that there were a few bounties on Doba: one by the Empire for 50,000 credits, dead or alive, and another for 25,000 credits, alive, by a Hutt named Thakba. A local information broker, a Devaronian by the name of Snoo, filled us in on the power structure and other details just as part of that power structure walked in. Also, a human girl walked in to be immediately harassed by the locals. Kira moved to put a stop to that, leading to a classic brawl that Bao Bogo managed to actually not attend.

Kira moved on one of the thugs, the one harassing the young woman, and threw him on the bar; meanwhile, Van Alden and I dropped the other two with stun blasts. Nobody intervened, leaving us time to “interview” the harasser. He was a low-level flunky, with his boss operating out of a local warehouse. The young woman, meanwhile, claimed to be named Zucata and a cartographer looking to take advantage of an R4 unit with extensive knowledge of the Kessel Run. We left her and headed to Doba’s local warehouse, but on the way there, we were forced into a stand-off with Daro Blunt, Doba’s lieutenant in the spaceport. The results were predictable, and we took the injured Blunt to the warehouse to question him further.

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Recovering the R4 droid, we found coordinates for a nearby asteroid. The droid claimed it and its companion were manumitted, which we found far-fetched, and it told us its last master had been one Captain Antilles. We shrugged at the name and moved on.

We collected Zucata and headed to the asteroid Doba was hiding in. Exploring the asteroid, we found it had three large passages, the first of which led us to a Z-Tie chimera that seemed damaged. Zucata identified it as her brother’s, but it was uninhabited. The second tunnel seemed empty, but as we examined it, we found that the Eclipse was under attack by Mynocs. We immediately left for the third tunnel and found Doba’s freighter, landing nearby.

We were challenged for a passcode, which we’d retrieved from R4-W9. We gave it and landed unmolested. Once on the ground, we were greeted by the smuggler guard on duty, who to our surprise was Goden, Zucata’s bounty hunter brother. We lied convincingly about Blunt having a problem, having sent us, and thus our needing to see Doba immediately, which seemed to let him trust us, albeit in a wary way.

Sensing that Goden was not exactly a willing participant here, I took a mild risk (it’s not like we couldn’t fight our way in) and revealed our purpose. Having found common ground, Goden and his wicked-looking gun turned to our side, and we prepared to handle the smugglers inside the freighter.

The fight was short, predictable, and predictably brutal. I don’t believe I even shot my weapon. Searching the freighter, we eventually found the cargo we were here to disrupt. The spice that Doba was smuggling was in containers that had been rigged to destroy their contents. I successfully opened one of the containers, but realizing I had the perfect interdiction method, I re-armed the trap and set them all off, gleefully destroying the disgusting product, to Bao’s everlasting disgust.

Trouble Brewing

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