Under a Black Sun

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That’s right: one of the bidders at the auction, the eccentric John Owen, has somehow glommed on to us. After resting and recuperating, we’re headed to Coruscant, and he is coming with us. The Rebellion has asked us to extract Arrianta, a Wookiee Rebel captured by Black Sun bounty hunters, and Owen’s knowledge of Coruscant may prove useful to us, but I’m not sure how useful he’d be in the tight situations we so commonly find ourselves in. Between Du Nahgg’s knives and Bao Bogo’s guns, we should be able to bring trouble to a swift end, assuming there aren’t too many of them.

Investigating the Black Sun corporation, we found a number of financial and black market records that point us in several directions. Soz managed to slice into their records and barely make a stir of any kind; Bao Bogo and I were prepared for a wild chase, but it was instead a sedate ride back to our contact on Coruscant, a Besalisk known as Chopper, who operates a speeder repair garage that will work as a useful rendezvous point. The information we found pointed us to a person called Kaato Liatris. He is known to frequent a drug den called The Umbra Club, a gambling joint called The Spyder, and a building known as the Zelcomm tower. We also know that Soz has a contact at Black Sun, though I’m not sure how wise it is to get in touch with her, as that would potentially tip them off that we’re coming; she certainly knows what we’re capable of, and I think we’ve succeeded in the past through luck and the element of surprise.

The deathstick joint was a dead end, as they hadn’t seen Kaato there in some time; even better, we managed to keep the casualty count to zero. The Spyder was more fruitful; after a slow start, I was able to have a “lucky” run of cards and even managed to get a Falleen named Verannis to provide some information. It turns out The Spyder is owned by a distant kinsman of mine, Corsen Fen, and he was amenable to directing us to Kaato’s PO Box in Sector 943 in exchange for our asking him politely to pay his 100,000 credit debt to The Spyder. Alas, that debt meant he wouldn’t be allowed near The Spyder until he paid, so we would have to find him either at Zelcomm or his PO Box.

Our questions must have annoyed the Empire; they weren’t exactly fans of non-humans, and we stood out. Du Nahgg put another set of troopers into the ground, and John Owen showed a more acrobatic side than I imagined a gentleman of his age would reasonably possess. Our abandoned factory hideout unfortunately was unusable, so we would have to find more hospitable accommodations soon.

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We tracked Kaato down to a calarium factory in Sector 943. This factory, with its rivers of molten calarium flowing throughout, was conveniently located next to a TIE refurbishing plant that made use of the molten calarium. Soz being Soz, he figured out a way to blow both up by using the calarium as a bomb. For the fuse, we needed a relatively small amount of a commonly available mineral, encased in carbonite, which would melt at a particular pace once in the molten calarium to eventually release its deadly payload.

Thus armed, we made our way to the factory. Scans revealed that Arrianta was within, and after doing “our usual” to the Mustafarians in front, we were engaged with Kaato and the factory’s security, who combined for impressive firepower. What they did not count on was my aim and Soz’s quick thinking. Realizing that we needed to take control of the factory, and that Kaato’s jet pack gave him a huge mobility advantage, John Owen, with amazing reflexes, managed to convey Soz to the central control hub. Kaato fled as we cut down the factory security, clearly going for a quick slash and hide strategy. He managed to take out Bao Bogo with what appeared to be a small thermal detonator, which is when I began to worry: I’d already been hit, our best gun (Bao) was out of the fight, and Kaato’s mobility meant Du Nahgg would have a great deal of trouble closing in for the kill.

Fortunately, Soz had things well in hand. Taking control of the factory, he was able to prevent Kaato from escaping, clamping on to his ship as he went full-throttle… only to release the ship as soon as Kaato stepped outside to attempt to correct the problem. A wildly bucking ship and a bounty hunter trying to exist in the same space generally does not end well for the bounty hunter. Poetic that he was killed by his own ship. By which I mean OUR new ship.

Under a Black Sun

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