Beyond the Rim

<appropriate date for session 7>
Of all the stations in all the galaxy, they walk into the one I’m currently seeking work in. I have rarely been so surprised to see anyone alive. Of course, the ensuing shenanigans were exactly true to form.

Nevertheless, I find myself back in their company, about to head to parts unknown.

<appropriate dates for sessions 8-9>
And another place we can never return to. I’m not even surprised at this point. What surprises me is that we somehow made it out despite Imperial security, local security, and MasterCom’s scrutiny. Now we can finally start the exploration. Wish I knew where we were going…

<appropriate dates for session 10>
Our adventures have taken us beyond the Rim, to the wreck of the Sa Nalaor. We found Cholganna and the missing crew, but the culture shock we caused was too great for Cratala. Specifically, Theemin, the great negotiator, callously pushed her to suicide. With the Empire on our tail thanks to our misadventures on The Wheel, we convinced the understandably angry Rel Harsol not to kill us and to take his surviving crew to join the Rebel alliance against the Empire. We similarly had to decide whether to join the Rebellion, which we did to various degrees of enthusiasm. I’m not a Rebel spy, but my interests and those of the Rebellion coincide, and that means I’m happy to use all of my hard-earned skills to try to overthrow the Empire. Whether the resulting power vacuum will be filled by something better remains to be seen, but in my mind, things cannot continue the way they are.

At least the brief time we had on Cholganna afforded me the opportunity to encounter the mighty Nexu; I do enjoy my work sometimes. If only there had been more time to convince Cratala to come with us… and to cut out Theemin’s idiot tongue.

Beyond the Rim

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