Interlude in Dagobah

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I’m back in the scouting saddle! Kira and Owen required my skills in a trip to find her a tutor of some kind. We headed to a swamp of a planet called Dagobah, where this teacher purportedly lived. As our piloting skills were roughly equivalent, we took turns flying, and when we approached, I was in the pilot’s seat.

We had the bad luck to arrive at the same time as a pirate ship, which promptly attacked. Our ship barely survived the first pass, and we began an uncontrolled dive into the gravity well. With some quick thinking on Kira’s part, we were able to get some propulsion back, and I managed a miraculous landing. Our ship was damaged in the landing, meaning, we’ll have to find a way to repair it before we can fly it out again. Good thing the pirates were vindictive: they touched down on Dagobah too.

The local fauna was fierce, but it was, fortunately, also edible. My sense was that this would be a challenging expedition, even as I wondered how Du Nahgg, Soz, and Bao Bogo were faring on their own.

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Dagobah felt wrong somehow, a sentiment shared by my companions. Night on the planet was an uncomfortable affair, and Kira and Owen seemed to feel that even more strongly than me. As we made our way across the swampy terrain, paddling a raft I crafted out of the local plant life, we moved from swampy island to swampy island. Eventually we reached what only charitably could be referred to as land, and dry being a qualifier that could never be used with a straight face.

We began the day hearing blaster fire and cries of alarm from very close by. As we approached the area of the commotion, we found that the local fauna had attacked our pursuers, leaving us with a blaster rifle as our own pirate booty. We also located what according to Owen was a Jedi scout ship, mostly sunk into the swamp. We camouflaged the location and marked the spot for future reference, reasoning that we probably shouldn’t try to carry salvage with us on an uncertain journey.

Once again being faced with swamp islands, we again fashioned a raft out of local plants, and in an inspired touch, we even added some razor-sharp pike-like plants as a defensive perimeter to our raft. After steering around carnivorous plants, we saw some flying bogwings similar to what Harsel had on Cholganna. They left us alone, as a larger threat loomed: a lizard-like slitherer that promptly tried to swallow Owen, and then Kira. I was able to finish it with a blaster blast, unfortunately soiling Kira with viscera. Nevertheless, another eight meals out of that. That’s a win.

Interlude in Dagobah

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