The Long Arm of the Hutt

<appropriate date for session 2>
I have a bad feeling about this. Between distrusting Theemin and Bao Bogo’s loyalties, and confronting Teemo the Hutt, we are biting off more trouble than we can chew. We are likely to end up as fodder for whatever predators this planet hosts. Gangsters with Imperial backing sounds like way more trouble than we can handle. We should run, but on this subject, Theemin may be right: between solitary life on the run, or a stand with whatever backing we can conjure on this rock, we may be better off with taking that stand. I wish I could trust my companions more. Bao Bogo and Theemin are suspicious enough. Kira is a cypher. Du Nahgg has cargo even she knows nothing about. Soz Velik and his droid are helpful, but his willingness to take a stand against Teemo AND the Empire speaks ill of his judgment.

<appropriate date for session 3>
Bao Bogo’s recklessness nearly killed us. And somehow, he manages to emerge unscathed from two crashes where he has been piloting. I can only shake my head in bemusement, but his recklessness will eventually catch up to him. I just hope I’m not in the vehicle when it does. After being injured in the crash, I was nearly killed when what I assume is another of Teemo’s bounty hunters took advantage of the post-crash confusion to attempt an attack. He encountered local fauna and will no longer be annoying us; I wonder if there’s anything of value in his freighter?

And how fortunate I was to have avoided an unpleasant reunion with Angu Drombb. His employment tendencies haven’t changed: drunken thugs and bullies. I must admit I was happy to have an excuse to put his men down; if they’d reported back to Drombb that they’d seen a female Bothan nearby, things might have gotten ugly, though our assault on his cantina quickly made that moot. Unfortunately, with his records gone, why that small-timer was even on this world… we’ll never know. I have my suspicions, but they’ll stay that for now.

<appropriate date for session 4>
Ota Dall’lar is on Ryloth. And in an interesting twist, he’s involved in the Teemo business, but with Du Nahgg as his contact. That sly Weequay spy! I travel to the other side of the galaxy and still the intrigues of home manage to find me, though I’ll admit I was surprised that Du Nahgg was involved at all. She’s more than just a thug, it seems. And now we’re bound for Geonosis. How dull; it’s already been thoroughly explored. Not much chance for profit out there. Oh, well. Still, after today’s close shave in the black, I’ll ask Soz nicely if he’ll install a tethering system for the less-than-nimble in space.

<appropriate date for session 5>
I saw myself faced with a choice: return to a desert planet I’ve been in, a planet crawling with gangsters, or remain on a desert planet and avoid association with those being hunted by gangsters. It was not an easy choice, but I will remain on Geonosis until I find alternate transport, preferably not to Tattoine. There are various staging points for exploration, space stations I could visit to find more reliable companions. That will be my goal.

The Long Arm of the Hutt

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